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1. Population
2. Vital Statistics
3. Health and Nutrition
4. Education
5. Law Enforcement, Courts
and Prisons
6. Geography and Environment
7. Parks, Recreation, Travel
8. Elections
9. State and Local Government
Finances and Employment
10. Federal Government
Finances and Employment
11. National Defense and
Veterans Affairs
12. Social Insurance and Human
13. Labor Force, Employment,
and Earnings
14. Income, Expenditures, and
15. Prices
16. Banking, Finance, and
17. Business Enterprise
18. Communications and
Information Technology
19. Energy
20. Science and Technology
21. Transportation - Land
22. Transportation - Air
and Water
23. Agriculture
24. Natural Resources
25. Construction and Housing
26. Manufactures
27. Domestic Trade and
28. Foreign Commerce and Aid
29. Outlying Areas
30. Comparative International
31. Industrial Outlook
32. 1997 Economic Census


532. Federal Budget--Summary
533. Federal Budget Outlays--Defense, Human and Physical Resources and Net Interest Payment
534. Federal Receipts, by Source
535. Federal Trust Fund Receipts, Outlays, and Balances
536. Federal Budget Outlays in Constant (1996) Dollars
537. Federal Outlays, by Agency
538. Federal Outlays, by Detailed Function
539. Total Revenue Loss Estimates for Tax Expenditures in the Income Tax, by Provision
540. United States Government--Balance Sheet
541. Federal Participation in the Credit Market
542. Summary of Federal Debt
543. U.S. Savings Bonds
544. Federal Funds--Summary Distribution, by State
545. Federal Balance of Payments Per Capita, by State
546. Tax Returns Filed--Examination Coverage
547. Internal Revenue Gross Collections, by Source
548. Federal Individual Income Tax Returns With Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)--Summary
549. Individual Income Tax Returns--Number, Income Tax, and Average Tax, by Size of Adjusted Gross Income
550. Individual Income Tax Returns--Itemized Deductions and Statutory Adjustments, by Size of Adjusted Gross Income
551. Federal Individual Income Tax Returns--Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), by Source of Income and Income Class for Taxable Returns
552. Federal Individual Income Tax Returns, by State
553. Federal Individual Income Tax--Tax Liability, Effective and, Marginal Tax Rates, for Selected Income Groups
554. Federal Individual Income Tax--Current Income Equivalent to 1995 Constant Income for Selected Income Groups
555. Paid Full-Time Federal Civilian Employment, all Areas
556. Federal Civilian Employment, by Branch, Agency, and Area
557. Federal Employment Trends--Individual Characteristics
558. Federal Civilian Employment and Annual Payroll, by Branch
559. Federal Executive Branch (non-Postal) Employment, by Race and National Origin
560. Paid Civilian Employment in the Federal Government
561. Federal General Schedule Employee Pay Increases
562. Turnover Data for The Executive Branch--All Areas
563. Accessions to and Separations From Employment in the Federal Government
564. Federal Land and Buildings Owned and Leased, and Predominant Land Usage

These tables are based on figures supplied by the United States Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce and are subject to revision by the Census Bureau.

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