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Obesity and Heart Disease

Risk of Heart Disease with Obesity:

Excessive amount of fat in the body is known as Obesity and this can lead to many healthproblems. As more fat gets accumulated, there is more stress on the heart and it becomes difficultto circulate blood throughout the body. Sometimes there can be too much buildup within theveins and arteries that can lead to panic attack.

There is also high chance of developing diabetes and high blood pressure with Obesity. Suddencardiac death, panic attack is becoming more common today for those being obese. There is apossibility of getting fatty liver diseases and even cancer too.

Positive Tips to Overcome Depression:

It is a common complaint that even though we eat less there is a possibility of gaining weightwhich is a sign of depression. While dealing with depression it is mandatory to know what isthe cause of the situation and what are the symptoms and then the cure for it. Depressed persongenerally lose interest in career, friends and even their own family members too. They like toexperience loneliness, feel guilty and find difficulty in expressing their feelings.

Here are few ways that can help in dealing with depression and to overcome it. A good exercise,meditation and few herbal remedies and making a habit of listening to soothing music whichis other way can be dealt with music therapy and eating good, healthy and fresh fruits andvegetables.

Triglycerides and their control:

Excess calories in our body when we eat are converted to high triglyceride levels. The commoncauses for the increased levels are overweight and uncontrolled diabetes, kidney diseases andlipid disorders. As a result there can be heart pain, trouble in breathing, vomiting and other sideeffects.

It is easy to lower triglyceride Levels by adopting healthy life style practices like increasing theintake of fresh fruits, avoiding high cholesterol level foods and also few natural herbs can alsohelp in the treatment.

Sources: US Department of Health; The World Health Organization

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